A Healthy Passion

Terra Ultra® came about from a desire by a veterinarian to offer his patients a treat during examinations—a commonly stressful time for many dogs. So, to comfort his furry patients, the doctor always had dog and cat treats on hand. But none were ideal and pets rejected them due to palatability, stress or lack of nutrition.

So, after years of researching, consulting with nutritionists, scientists, animal health experts, and testing, our first product Green Bark Gummies®, was born! Fast track to 24-months later and we’ve taken the same drive to deliver truly nutritious treats to dogs and cats everywhere and created a food brand that does the same thing. Terra Ultra® delivers an exciting new format of dog and cat food – kibble + freeze dried – in the same bowl! Now your dog and cat can experience the nutritional value of raw but in a convenient format that is not only incredibly delicious, but truly nutritious as well.

Our Doctor

Our vet, Dr. Rolando Vasquez, served the Los Angeles County for more than 35 years. His family owned animal hospital has been recognized for its community service throughout the county. Since 1983, the doctor has provided quality compassionate care to more than 10,000 patients and their human companions. With great sadness, in 2015 Ronaldo passed away and is greatly missed by his family, colleagues, patients and the community he served for so long. Although he is no longer with us, his passion for the health of all pets lives on, as we carry the torch for him in providing healthy treat options for dogs and cats all over the world!

Our Company

Inspired by Rolando and his devotion to the health of pets, we are a diverse, committed group of animal lovers and we are passionate about delivering healthful, delicious pet food and treats; and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. We are advocates for our animal companions, their health and well-being. We are enthusiastic about the healthy direction of the pet food and treat industry and strive to be a leader in making it even better. We believe in transparency for our customers. And last but not least, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction—yours and your best friends.

Our Mission

At Terra Ultra®, we carry on the doctor’s original mission: To provide the most tasty and healthy dog food possible at an affordable price. We source only high quality chicken and vegetables. No by-products or cheap fillers. No genetically modified ingredients. And, in order to ensure the most bioavailable flax on the market, we add in our patented flax to increase the delivery of three Omega-3’s.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is simple. We will drive our foundation of quality and innovative ingredients into new categories, new functions and new flavors in order to support our animal companions throughout all of the stages of their lives.

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